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Artist I Shkelzen Konxheli
Title I Hidden
Year I 2021
Technique I Print on Hahnemühle
Edition I of 7 / 2 APs
Size I 80 x 100 cm


Shkelzen Konxheli is a photographer and artist from Kosovo. At a young age, he was forced to leave his homeland and moved to Switzerland – built up on great hope, unwavering courage and for sure on a touch of an all-or-nothing mindset. His uniquely creative personality and passionate character should mark his path by bringing him to metropolises of art like Paris and New York and finally making his artwork to what it is today: Outstanding references like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Magazine, ELLE Magazine or Marie Claire are unmistakable steps on his impressive career path.

During KONRAD Art Week 2024, we were pleased to show Shkelzen Konxheli's artworks for the very first time. Driven by the eternal quest of perfection, it is primarly the high contrasts, with which he knows how to play in his pictures. They’re either dazzlingly colorful or black and white, but they all have something in common: It’s the unshakeable strength that characterizes its protagonists. At the same time their charisma is always fine and skillful as he never makes them look harsh. That's probably the best way to define the messages of his work: Shkelzen Konxheli's photographies are all about finding strength in weakness, giving his characters both fineness and confidence. The results of this very unique expression turn his photos into exceptional pieces of artwork. 

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